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Muncie 4-Speed Identification Guide

Muncies with 26-spline inputs and 32-spline output shafts came as M20, M21, and M22 transmissions Before 1969, only M22 transmissions had drain plugs From 1969 to 1974 all-ratio Muncies came with drain plugs Muncie countergears had the same number of teeth on first.

Muncie 4-speed

The M22 transmission has a 20 degree helix angle on the gear set as opposed to a 45 degree angle found on the M20 and M21 and were made with a higher nickel alloy , thus the nickname "Rock Crusher" was born Another misconception is if you have a drain plug you have a M22 , It should be noted that there are many different websites and.

M23 'RockCrusher, Best 4 speed trans, Chevy and GM

Jul 26, 2017· M23 'RockCrusher, Best 4 speed trans, Chevy and GM A lot of people may not be aware of this, because it's not advertised much , The problem is that original Muncie M22 Rockcrusher transmissions.

Muncie Rock Crusher Transmission

Muncie Rock Crusher Transmission The Mighty & Majestic Muncie 4 Speed Transmission The M22 was eventually dubbed the "Rock Crusher" It is a common misconception that all Muncie transmissions are "Rock Crushers".

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Muncie Parts We also carry and sell Complete Do It yourself Super Muncie Kits , NEW Muncie M22 SUPER ROCK CRUSHER 4 speed $239900 No Price , Rollerized 1st gear, 36 tooth, for Muncie M22 transmissions, 1964-74 A rollerized 1st gear is a must in high load and high speed applications, such as road racing or circle track racing.

Guide to Muncie M20, M21, and M22 Four-Speed Transmissions

Aug 03, 2018· The M22 Rock Crusher would come later to accommodate the heavy twist of Chevrolet’s big-blocks in the mid-1960s The M20 and M21 transmissions.

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Among “old-timers”, the Muncie transmission commands a certain degree of respect Sure, you could get a manual in tons of cars from GM during the 60's and 70's, but the Muncie was the one to have Saginaw transmissions were cheaper, and worked admirably, but scattering gear oil on the pavement was a scary reality if you pushed them too hard.

Muncie 4-Speed Identification Guide

Muncies with 26-spline inputs and 32-spline output shafts came as M20, M21, and M22 transmissions Before 1969, only M22 transmissions had drain plugs From 1969 to 1974 all-ratio Muncies came with drain plugs Muncie countergears had the same number of teeth on first.

m-22 muncie rock crusher

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GM Muncie 4-Speed Decoding : Drivin' It Home

M-22 “Rock Crusher” Identification The M-22 close-ratio transmission is easily identified internally from the M-20 and M-21 versions by the angle of the gear teeth The M-22 was only produced in a close-ratio version, so it will not appear on models with high rear-axle ratios (355 or lower numerically) unless someone has changed it.

How to Identify a Muncie Four Speed

Jul 05, 2016· I guess I am looking for a Muncie transmission guide for dummi Thanks, Zack A: , There also was a second, heavy-duty close-ratio version: the “Rock Crusher” (M22) that was offered on.

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Discover Muncie Transmission on sale right here with the biggest option of Muncie Transmission anywhere online Automobile Parts and Service Toggle navigation Community Chevy Automotive Sales Inc Muncie Transmission : Muncie M-22 Rock Crusher Four Speed Transmission - Rare Drivers Side Speedo New , View Item Details Muncie M22 4 Speed.


Muncie 4 Speed Parts and Upgrades Italian gears, SuperCase and more; , Welcome to the online home of Auto Gear Equipment Motorsports, where the last company actively designing and improving four-speed manually-shifted gearboxes reveals all , Manual transmission engineering is a Syracuse tradition older than the automobile; when we can’t.

Muncie 4-Speed: The Complete History

To understand the evolution of the Muncie 4-speed you have to look at a series of engineering platforms that led to the final design of this transmission The Muncie design has roots going back to 1935 I took the time to research the patent number that is cast into most Muncie main cas It is US Patent Number 3,088,336 (see Appendix).

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finally a show car transmission worthy of your ultimate show car vehicle: the m22! this iconic transmission is based upon the infamous “rock crusher” transmission made famous in the 60`s and 70`s by being installed in the l-88`s, big block 425 hp factory muscle cars and hot rods of the past.

Muncie 4 Speed Transmissions and Parts

With the quality of used Muncie transmissions getting worse in the last 10 years, the idea of making new improved Muncie parts was becoming a reality Using the best components currently made for the Muncie today we are now able to supply replacement Muncie 4 speeds for a variety of applications.

Muncie M22 Rock Crusher 4 Speed Transmission

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Muncie M22 Rockcrusher Close, Wide and NEW Extra-Wide (2

New Muncie M22 220 close ratio or 252 wide ratio Rockcrusher gear set is availabe with either a 10 or 26 spline input Close ratio 26 spline gear sets available in Italian or Korean made You must select whether you need a wide or close ratio & which input spline count, 10 or 26 Fits all Muncie applications with 1" countershaft pin, 1966-74.

Autogear Muncie M22Z Rockcrusher Gear Whine in1970 Pontiac

Oct 11, 2016· Here's a short video of my 1970 Trans Am so one may listen to the Autogear Muncie M22Z whine,the transmission was built by Paul Cangialosi @ 5speeds The 298 first gear is awesome and as.

Muncie 4 Speed Transmissions

Serial numbers for Muncie 4 speeds always begin with the letter "P" P stands for Muncie Plant Not for passenger car as some self proclaimed specialists may think The letter M was used to ID the Muncie plant for the Muncie 3 speed, so P was the next logical letter The letter O would add confusion since it.

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Automatic transmissions Early models The GM Hydra-Matic was a success and installed in the majority of GM models by 1950 Through the 1950s, all makers were working on their own automatic transmission, with four more developed inside GM alone.

Muncie four-speeds

Sep 23, 2018· The 256:1 ratio is commonly referred to as the M20 Muncie also had a second close-ratio transmission designated M22 and often referred to as the “rock-crusher,” which was used behind the highest-performance engines and in Corvettes, the M22 is a highly sought-after performance transmission.